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The Pay It Forward Fertility Foundation (PIFFF) Board of Directors will select applicants who do not have insurance coverage and/or have never used any insurance coverage for infertility treatments, for grants that can be used towards their fertility treatment at a fertility clinic, of their choice in the United States, that is a member of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).

While we would love to offer grants to every applicant, not all applicants will receive grants.  The grant amounts vary among the grant recipients.  What is covered (i.e. monitoring, lab work, medications, procedures, etc.) under the grant amount will be disclosed to each of the grant recipients at time of award and funds from the grant will be given directly to the clinic.  Grants will not be awarded for cycles/treatments that have already begun and/or completed.  The grants are to be used on new cycles only.  And new cycles that only begin after the award is given.  Applicants that have had and/or have used any type of insurance coverage for any previous IVF cycles are not qualified at this time for a grant from PIFFF.

Please read all the paperwork thouroughly and visit our main website to review the Frequently Asked Questions section of the website.  Applications will be accepted for a selected time period and then the foundation will not accept any more applications until the next round is open.

The foundation will then need up to eight weeks to review all the applications.  All applicants will be notified receipt of application and the foundation's decision when available via the email address the applicant provides.  Emails sent to the foundaiton with an inquiry about the status of an application will not be answered.  All applicants can log into this system to check on the status.  The foundation asks that the applicants please be patient as the board is an all volunteer board and will review all applications thoroughly and as qickly as possible.

There is a $60 application fee for each application submitted.  This fee is NONREFUNDABLE.  If you decide to withdraw your application between the time that you submit and the board has made a decision, the foundation will still not refund the fee. The application fee is considered a donation and the foundation can provide any paperwork you would need to document the donation.  PLEASE NOTE:  your payment may say 'pendng' on the application site even though you got a receipt from PayPal.  PLEASE DO ONLY SUBMIT THE FEE ONCE!  Please give PIFFF a few days to see your payment and then makr your application accordingly.  The foundation will move all appplicaitons to the next round based on payments cleared through PayPal, even if the payment status still says 'pending'.  The foundation is moving applications to the next phase based on reports from PayPal.

Thank you very much for your interest in Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation.